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Online booking tool for your business

Automate your bookings, payments, marketing and prepaid cards. Get started for free now!

Get started for free

Get started with a Free plan. Expand at any time. No opening fee, no risk, and no commitment. You don't need a credit card to register.

Secure appointment scheduling and processing of patient information

Vello brings together secure appointment booking, patient data processing, and secure payment - a triple threat!

We also help your company promote your services and engage with your loyal customers. It's like having a personal assistant, but better - we won't steal your stapler.


  • Booking tool and patient register
    Vello is an electronic appointment calendar with a patient register that automatically records treatment reports for you.

  • Digital payments
    Vello takes care of charging your customers for treatments and prepaid cards automatically, giving you the peace of mind that your everyday life just got a little easier with advance payment.

  • Vello is free for small entrepreneurs!
    Start using our booking tool for free. When you have one calendar, five services, and 50 customers, you can use Vello for free. 


We bring you more customers

Over 3,800,000 consumers are already using Vello. When you sign up with us, you'll ride the customer wave all the way to the end of the market. That means more eyes on your brand and more sales in your pocket.

We're all about boosting your bottom line by captivating your customers. Get ready to see some serious turnover.

  • More cashflow
    Vello brings customers to your business. Our brilliant way of combining marketing automation as a part of online booking will bring you 12% more bookings and sales. 

  • Free advertising
    We provide free advertising to our chosen customers, allowing you to connect with your target audience and increase visibility in Vello's marketing channels.

  • In cooperation with Vello
    Advertising Vello advertises your company and makes your service available to millions of our consumer customers.

" Varauksista peräti 90 % tulee nykyään Vellon kautta. Vellon avulla olen onnistunut tuplaamaan varauksieni kokonaismäärän! "

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Menesty kanssamme

Tuhannet yritykset ja miljoonat kuluttajat käyttävät Velloa päivittäin. Tule menestymään kanssamme!

27 900

yrittäjää ja palveluntarjoajaa

2 M+

kuluttajaa ja loppuasiakasta

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ajanvarausta ja ryhmätuntia Vellon kautta joka kuukausi

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Succeed with us

Join the thousands of companies and nearly four million satisfied consumers who trust and rely on Vello for success. Let us help you achieve your goals and thrive together.

37 000

entrepreneur and service provider

3,8 M+

consumer and end-customer

7,6 M+

bookings and group events through Vello

$63 M+

more sales to our business customers