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Integrations: social media, website, and payments

Integrate Vello with your number one apps 

Integrate Vello with all your favorite apps. We offer internal integrations with payments, SMS messaging, Google Calendar, Office 365, and more.

Make your online booking easy to find and ensure that you have no chance for overlapping bookings. Connect Vello with your personal calendar and embed the booking calendar on your website. This means you can focus on providing the best service to your customers. 

Accept payments securely online and enjoy the easiness of Vello's built-in integrations. We have internal integrations with payment service provider Stripe, embed feature ready for you on WordPress and SMS messaging service to make sure your customer does not miss any appointment. 

Embed to your website

You can embed the Vello booking calendar to any website with our embed code. Find your embed code in Vello. If you are using a website platform (fe. Wix, Squarespace, Weebly), you can use your embed code in these. 

Google Calendar / Gmail

Connect Google Calendar with Vello. Your appointments in Vello will appear in Google Calendar and vice versa: your meetings from Google move automatically to Vello. Two-way sync prevents double bookings. 

Outlook / Office 365

Sync your Outlook-calendar with Vello. Add your personal events in your calendar and they will automatically move to Vello. This works vice versa, your bookings in Vello will transfer to your Outlook-calendar. No more overlapping bookings! 


Link your Vello calendar to your Facebook page and guide your Facebook followers to book time with you. 

Google Analytics

Connect Vello with Google Analytics and discover live time data of bookings. You can easily attach your Analytics account ID to your Vello settings. 


Vello is connected with an international SMS service Twilio. Twilio integration is included in all Vello plans. Send booking confirmations and reminders in SMS to your customers. 


Collect credit and debit card payments. Vello is connected to a payment service provider Stripe. Collect prepayments and sell gift cards in Vello. All payment data is processed only in Stripe. 

Read more about Payments in Vello


Embed Vello booking calendar easily to WordPress with ready made plugin. You can find the plugin in WordPress library. You do not need any software knowledge to embed Vello to your WordPress-site. 

Activate WordPress-plugin

Kanta Healtcare database

Our integration allows for the seamless storage of patient and treatment records, as well as patient notes, directly in the Kanta Healtcare database from Vello. This means that your healthcare company can save on investing in a separate patient information system.