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Try features of Vello for Free for up to 30 days

Don't miss out on Vello's 30-day free trial as a new user benefit!

You'll have the chance to try all of our features, including the Premium ones, without spending a dime or committing to anything.

Time is ticking, so make sure to activate the most interesting features right after registering. Trust us, you won't regret it!

Try at least these features


Automatically remind your customer of an upcoming booking. With the reminder tool, you can even reduce no-show bookings completely.

Sync with Google and Outlook

Automatically keep your Vello calendar and your personal calendar up to date. In Vello, you can synchronize calendar events with each other.

Sell more with extra services

Let Vello recommend products and additional services to your customer. This way your customer's average purchase can increase by up to 10%.

Create your own booking fields

Ask the customer for the necessary information already when making the booking: Create your own booking fields and make the fields mandatory.

Turn on the TimeMagnet

Only available with other bookings. Or just in the afternoons. Or only on even hours. Succeed! Limit availability by service in your Vello.

Employee-specific services

Create services per employee. This way, the service chosen by your customer will automatically be booked for the right employee.

Wake up your client

Send your customer an automated “wake up message” after the visit. This way you can easily get your sleeping customer to come back.

Let the customer queue for a seat

When the number of participants reaches full, allow a queue for, for example, Open Doors days, your group events and courses.

Google Analytics

Track the activities of your potential customers and measure the prospect's conversion to a booker with our Google Analytics integration.

Premium features has unique icon with them

The paid features included in the Premium plan are marked with the Premium logo in Vello.

Welcome to the Premium level! By activating at least one of our Premium features, Vello automatically upgrades your plan to Premium.

At this level, you'll get unlimited access to all Vello Premium features. During the trial period, you can experience our Premium features for Free!

If you decide to give them up, no worries! Vello will automatically return your usage level to the Free plan.

Free phone support during your trial period

Call Vello support >


Free phone support in English is included in your trial period. After your trial period, phone support is included free of charge in the Basic and Premium plans.