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Membership management: Online payment, automatic invoicing and member management 

Vello provides a fully automated service for any recurring invoicing such as gym membership. Automate your member invoicing and member registration. Vello charges membership fees automatically from your customer's payment card and you will receive the money immediately.

Our membership service is used by gyms, sports centers, fitness coaches, and rental equipment service providers.

  • Even 25 % more members
    You receive 25% more members when they can sign up online 24/7.  The signing up process is automated and simple.

  • No credit loss
    Vello charges membership fees automatically from your customer's card and you will receive the money right away. The membership begins after the first payment.

  • Monthly fee 0 €
    Vello memberships feature is without a monthly fee or starting fee. Therefore it is risk-free for you to start using. The only charge is 4,5% +0,25 € per successful transaction.

Easy and safe fee collection

Focus on what matters, let Vello handle the membership fee collection

The major workload of the traditional membership invoicing or fee collection takes place due to the human factors: customers change contact details, customers enter incorrect billing details, customer doesn't pay on time or doesn't pay at all. All of this have been manual work.

With Vello you can automate all of the above and more. Leave time for what matters the most and minimize the risks of memberships management at the same time.

Now made easy

The possibility to become a member electronically is easier than handling paper forms for both you and your customer. The customer experience increases and the risks of operation lower.

Fast payouts

When your customer pays with Vello, we make sure they have enough credit on their card and the payment goes through. We charge your customer and transfer the money to you the following monday.

Refunds - you decide

Refunds or member discounts can be done directly on your own Vello. You decide whether your customer is eligible for a refund or whether you'd like to give your customer a discount for the next fee.

Your bank is supported

At Vello the payouts are directed into your own external bank account. You can add virtually any bank account as a recipient.

All payment cards across the world

Your customers across the world can use virtually any commonly used credit or debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discovery & Diners and many others. All supported.

Safe payments

We provide the memberships billing in co-operation with one of the largest payment providers in the world, Stripe. In order to maximize the safety for you and your customers we support the industry standard 3D Secure -protection on all our payments.

Read more about Stripe

Free to start. No monthly fee.

0 € / mo
Pay only for active memberships 4.5 % + 0.25 € per transaction.

Features and tools

Memberships can be bought 24/7

Online memberships generate more revenue because the membership enrolment can take place when ever and where ever. Majority of the memberships are purchased outside of the regular business hours.

Increased revenue

Vello increases your revenue retention and even more so the turnover. You can get as much as 25 % more revenue when your customers can purchase your services around the clock.

Realtime memberships

At any time you can see up to date information about your members right in your own device. Vello adds new members automatically to your members list.

Collect the fees up-front

You know the feeling when a member hasn't paid their invoice? Not with Vello. At Vello the active membership requires a successful payment up front.

Your own terms and plans

Automatic memberships also allow a variety of different membership plans as well as terms of service fully catered for your business. For example you can offer 1 mo, 6 mo or 12 mo memberships with varying price models.

Up to date membership status

Vello manages the memberships status automatically for you. If a fee collection has failed, Vello can cut the membership automatically.

Charge history

You can see each charge and attempted charge for each member in a clear report. In connection with attempted charges, you will also see the reason why the charge failed.

Membership confirmation

Once a membership is successfully established, Vello handles all the member-related communication automatically for you. The confirmation email holds instructions on how the member can review or edit their details.

Safe transactions

Safety and a reliable service are points of honour for us. The information on your customer's payment card are handled through encrypted connections and stored safely only in Stripe's payment intermediary service.


You can add single use discounts or refunds on individual members. Vello considers the discounts on the next membership invoice automatically.


With reporting features you can review each transaction or sale separately and monitor the development of your membership base as it grows.

Gift cards

You can also sell electronic gift cards through Vello. Customer pays for the gift card and the sale is further paid to your external connected bank account.

Customizable terms of service

Each business is individual. That's why we have made it easy to edit your own terms of service and other communication in order to ensure that your customers know what are they signing up to.

Recurring payments

The automated recurring payments can also be used to other fee collection that takes place in recurring manner. For example charge a rental contract through Vello recurring payments.