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Marketing automation

Automated communication frees up your time and brings you more bookings

At Vello, we understand the importance of reaching out to your customers and keeping them engaged. Our marketing automation tools ensure that your calendar is always filled with bookings and your group classes are well-attended. This translates to more revenue for your business.

You have the option to communicate with your customers through email or text message, making it easy to stay in touch.


  • Don't forget! Vello has got your back with automatic reminders for upcoming reservations. Even the busiest customers won't miss a beat and arrive on time. Thanks to the Reminder feature, you can cut down on no-show bookings once and for all!

  • Wake up! Automatically send a friendly message when it's been a while since their last booking. As a thank you, include a special discount code to encourage them to return and experience your top-notch services once again.

Additional sales with automation

With the automated campaign advantage, your company can engage with customers and boost sales like never before!

We've come up with a clever approach to appointment booking that includes marketing automation, resulting in up to a 12% increase in bookings and additional sales for you.

With Vello, you can offer your customers a campaign benefit to enjoy after their first appointment. Vello automatically delivers this benefit on your behalf, encouraging your customers to book a follow-up appointment right away and avoid falling into the hands of your competitors.

All features of marketing automation

Booking confirmations

A booking confirmation is sent automatically after booking and registering for a group event. If you wish, Vello can also notify the employee about a new booking made by the customer.

Wake up the client

Why not surprise your customer with a friendly "wake-up message" once enough time has passed since their last booking? We'll even sweeten the deal with a special discount code to entice them to come back for more of our top-notch services.

Cancellation confirmations

A cancellation confirmation will be sent automatically if a booking or participation is cancelled. If you wish, Vello can also notify the employee about a new cancellation made by the customer.

Waiting list communication

With Vello, you can easily confirm your customer's participation in group events or add them to the waiting list. Once a spot opens up, Vello will automatically notify the customer and secure their place in the lesson. No more missed opportunities or confusion - Vello has got you covered.

Feedback surveys

We're excited to offer you Vello's automated communication that can send an automated feedback survey to your customers after they book. This will provide you with real-time feedback on the success of your services, allowing you to continually improve and grow your business.


With Vello, your customers will never forget about their upcoming reservations. Even the most forgetful individuals will arrive on time, thanks to our automatic reminder system. You have the option to send reminders via email and/or text message, ensuring that your customers are always in the loop.

Campaign messages

In Vello, you can add a campaign benefit to the appointment. Vello delivers the campaign benefit to the customer automatically on your behalf. This way, your customer will most likely make a follow-up booking right away, and your customer will not slip into the hands of competitors.

Scheduled messages

Let Vello do the talking for you! With our scheduled messages, you can sit back and relax while Vello automatically connects with your customers when they book an appointment. You get to decide who, when, and how the messages are delivered. It's like having your own personal assistant!

Other messages

Hey, want to give your customers a sneak peek of your services before they book an appointment? Well, attach a description to your services and let Vello handle the rest! Even after the booking is made, we'll automatically send your customers important messages, like the door code. Easy peasy!