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Join us to the Vello team of doers and makers

We are looking for passionate doers and makers to join us to set and reach the next goals together.

We are a small international team building the fastest growing startup focused on enabling healthcare and wellbeing professionals to provide a better customer experience in terms of online booking, payment solutions and patient care.

At Vello you get to have a front-row seat when building a B2B SAAS service but also a B2C marketplace between healthcare and wellbeing providers and the end-customers. We are still a small team, but there is a lot to do while building a better customer experience and helping our customers grow their business.

Pick your interest: Web Development, Nodejs, AWS, Vue, Marketing, Marketing Automation,  Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Customer Success Management, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Product Management.

Choose a position below or send us your open open application.