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Terms of service

These General Terms of Service are applied between Vello, the service, and the user of Vello in contractual terms between the two parties (later referred to as the contract) unless otherwise is explicitly stated in writing.

1. Applicability

These general terms of service enter into force on the 30th of November 2021 and are valid until further notice, replacing any prior terms of service. Vello can update these Terms of Service at any time.

2. The contract

The contract is established between the private person or the company that registers to Vello (”Customer”) and Vello (”Service provider”) at the time when the user has registered to Vello. When the User registers to Vello, they choose to accept these Terms of Service and Vello's Privacy Policy. The user is obliged to give their real company information. The contract continues until further notice or until the termination of the contract.

3. Service contents

The country and language content of the Vello service is displayed on the Vello website. Vello supports all common internet browsers and their two latest versions. Common internet browsers include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

4. Limitations and liabilities

The source code of Vello and the related components are designed and developed by Vello. At the point when the Customer starts using Vello, Customer is granted the right to use the source code. Should the contract be terminated at a later time, Vello is entitled to remove the Customer’s Vello account and all of its contents. Customer commits to follow the applicable copyrights, and therefore the user does not have the right to provide or resell the service or any of its code or components to a third party. In addition, the use of Vello and any part of its code or components for any other purpose than for the user’s own use is forbidden.

The user is forbidden to use Vello for any other purpose than for what it is intended in the description of the service. Even if a separate consent of use is given, such use will free Vello from any stated liabilities. The user has the right to save and move only the information or material that is owned by the user to Vello. The information or material is not allowed to contain anything illegal, inappropriate, harmful, or racist, or any other information that is considered to be against the common notion of appropriateness and decency.

The user should not send any information that is particularly confidential to Vello or through Vello, with the exception of information that is needed for billing and payment transactions. Unless it is otherwise stated, the contract is based on the notion that the user saves all the necessary information and material to Vello themselves. Upon registration, the Customer creates the necessary credentials in order to use Vello. The user is responsible for the safekeeping of the credentials. Vello cannot be held liable if the user’s service content is compromised because of unauthorized use. Vello has the right to temporarily shut down the service due to maintenance or a possible security breach. Vello is not liable to provide any reimbursement to the Customer or any other party (e.g. the end-user or the user’s customer) in cases where damage has been caused directly or indirectly by Vello - the service, the internet connections, the contents, the inappropriate use of the service or the described features and contents of Vello.

5.Subcontracted services and services provided by a third party

The service provider provides Vello with the product in question. The services that may be necessary for Vello to operate properly (e.g. server space, domain, email, or payment services) are subcontracted from third-party service providers. Vello is liable for the subcontracting costs, and they are included within the cost of the Vello service unless otherwise is stated. Other paid third-party services or features are stated separately. Vello is responsible for the additional charges of subcontracted third-party services, and those services are included in Vello's monthly fee unless otherwise is explicitly stated or written. Additional services and features of Vello are listed separately.

6. The pricing of the service

The pricing of the service valid in the country in question is visible on the Vello website. Prices listed on Vello’s website include 5 000 separate page loads per month per resource (e.g. employee, space, etc.). Whenever the usage exceeds 5 000 separate page loads per month per resource, Vello has the right to raise the Customer’s monthly fee to meet the actual usage. Vello has the right to change the pricing of the service during the period of the contract.

7. Payment for the service

Upon agreeing to these Terms of Service, the Customer accepts that Vello charges the user according to the service’s level of use. The user is charged for the use of the service in periods of six (6) months prior to the period of use unless otherwise is stated. In a case where the contract is terminated during the payment period, the payment or a portion of the payment is not refunded to the user. In the case of a possible notice towards Vello regarding payment cards, the notice is to be made to Vello as soon as possible. The payment term for invoices is 14 days, and the notice period is 8 days. Late payment interest is added to overdue invoices according to the law regarding late payments. Outstanding overdue balance causes the shutdown of the Customer’s Vello account until the outstanding balance has been fully paid. If the outstanding overdue balance is not paid, Vello is entitled to terminate the Customer’s account. Vello is entitled to charge for the late payment interest in the form of a late payment interest invoice.

8. Privacy policy and confidentiality clause

Customer and Vello commit to agreeing with current legislation in the processing of customer data and personal data (e.g. from 25 May 2018, the European Union’s general data protection regulation (EU) 2016/679). General data protection regulations of Vello are shown in the detached document. The user and Vello are obliged to observe secrecy during the entire period of the contract. The two parties are not allowed to share any of the information regarding the contract with third parties. In addition, confidential information created during the contract is not to be provided to a third party.

9. Maintenance, support and guarantee

Vello maintains the Vello service and provides customer support for the Customer. If applicable, the Customer is responsible to provide support for the end-users or the customers of the Customer. Vello provides a continuous guarantee of repair, whereby Vello is liable to repair any noticed fault in the service. However, Vello is not liable to provide any reimbursement towards the user in case of fault. Vello does not guarantee that the content and the features of the Vello service are 100% without any faults.

10. Termination of the contract and stored information

The contract can be terminated immediately in the case of a free contract, or after the payment period has ended in the case of a paid contract.Upon the termination of the contract, Vello has the right to shut down the user’s Vello account. The content of the account is the property of the user and the user has the right to have the content saved outside Vello prior to the shutdown of the account. Vello has the right to charge the user for the possible costs incurred by the saving or storing of the content outside Vello.

11. Other

The Finnish law and the law of the country of the user are applied to the contracts. Any possible disagreements during the period of the contract are primarily handled through negotiations between the two parties. If this is not possible, the disagreements are handled in court.