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Privacy Policy

It's important to us that you feel safe and trust that we protect your privacy. As a business client, you can use Vello for appointment booking, payments, and customer registry. Consumers can benefit from their own Vello account for easy booking.

In this document of Privacy Policy, we explain in detail how we handle the privacy information of the contact personnel or the end customer of a Vello account for business. The original language of this Privacy Policy: Finnish.

We will let you know:

  • What kind of information do we handle?
  • For what purposes we use the information and what is the legal justification?
  • How long do we keep the information?
  • What cookies are and how do we use them?
  • What kind of ways to influence a registered user has?
  • Where do we transfer the information?
  • Where the information is handed over to?
  • How the information is protected?
  • Is it possible that this Privacy Policy will be changed?
  • Whom can I be in contact with?

Please note that by booking an appointment using Vello, your privacy information is transferred also to the possible other service providers that you use to book an appointment for. In such case the service provider in question is responsible for handling your privacy information.

Our services may include links to external websites. We cannot control these websites and this Privacy Policy does not take into account these external sites. We recommend using caution while browsing the internet and get familiarised with each of the websites' privacy policies individually.


1. What kind of information do we process?

Typically we collect the following types of information:

  • Business account information: Company information such as name, company id, street address, billing details, language, timezone, customer type, contact personnel name, title, phone number, email address, feedback and contact requests, possible direct marketing denial, and bank account details when payment services are in question.
  • Consumer account information: Name, email address, phone number, street address, bookings, messages, feedback and contact requests, direct marketing consents, and denials.
  • Information from external sources: You may sign in to your Vello account with your Google or Microsoft credentials. We receive name and email address information as well as the time and duration of the calendar events through the API. Vello’s use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy and the use of information received from Microsoft API will adhere to Microsoft APIs Terms of Use.
  • Automatically acquired online behavior information: We collect automatically information about the various ways you use our services and mobile applications (e.g. the duration and time of a visit), which pages or areas of pages you visit. The information is automatically recorded into the server log files and is matched with the cookie that is set for your device. We can combine these automatically recorded pieces of information when you are logged in to your Vello account. You can find more information about this at section 4 about cookies.

We typically get the information directly from you at the time of creating the Vello account or through other means of contact. The information can be automatically recorded during the use of the services. When a potential business client is in question, we can acquire information from external sources as well, such as company websites. From these potential business customers, the acquired information is typically a name, email address, title, company name, and contact details.

2. For what purposes we use the information and what is the legal justification?

We handle the information in the following terms that are based on the general data protection regulation:

  • Producing the service: We handle the information that you have given to us in order to fulfill the service contract of the Vello booking, payment, or customer registry service that you have ordered (business account), or of the Vello account (consumer account).
    We are unable to make a service offer, produce the service of appointment booking, allow login to Vello account, bill the services, or keep contact with you without handling your privacy information. While collecting the information we aim to inform that which pieces of information are mandatory in order to fulfill the contract of service as well as which information you can provide optionally. In this case, the basis of handling the information is that of the fulfillment of the contract. With your consent, we enable you to use Google or Microsoft credentials to sign in to your Vello account or to synchronize your external calendar with your Vello calendar.
  • Marketing: We can handle your information based on your consent in order to send you important messages or marketing messages through online channels. Based on the legal right we use the information to target marketing efforts through phone or mail, or marketing efforts based on the business domain.
  • Service development: We handle the privacy information for analyzing business and for the development of the services, marketing, and reporting on the basis of the justified right.
  • Misuse, debt collection, and legal requirements: Sometimes we are forced to handle privacy information in order to prevent or investigate a misuse, or collect a debt, or establishing a legal case for presenting or defending. In these cases, the basis of handling the privacy information is that of the justified right.
  • Legal regulation requirement: We are required to store some of your privacy information in order to comply with the financial and other mandatory legal requirements after the end of the customer relationship. In this case, the basis of handling the information is that of a legal requirement.

3. How long do we keep the information?

In terms of a business account, we store the information for the duration of the contract or as long as it is needed to fulfill the requirements of the contract, such as debt collection.

In terms of consumer accounts, we store information typically for 12 months after the last appointment booking, or Vello account sign-in, in order to offer easy reactivation of the Vello account. We also store the information for the purposes of our service development and customer feedback management.

After this time we strip the information and handle it for marketing purposes as long as you have not denied us the consent of receiving marketing communication. If you choose to deny the consent of marketing, and there is no other basis for handling the information, we will store information about the denial and your contact details in order to comply with the denial.

We aim to keep the contact information that we have correct and up to date by removing unnecessary information as well as update the outdated information. You can also have an influence on the duration of storing the information using the below-described methods, such as a request for deletion of your information.

We comply with the general data protection regulation when storing the information.

4. What cookies are and how do we use them?

We can collect behavior data using cookies and other similar technologies. A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored to your device when using Vello, and that contains an anonymous numerical identification code that can be used to identify and calculate for example the various browsers that visit our website.

Our service uses so-called first-party cookies that are set by the site visible at the URL bar. In addition to these, there are so-called third-party cookies such as ones set by metrics and analytics services, advertisement services, and social media services.

The cookies can be so-called session cookies that retire after the user close the browser or they can be so-called persistent cookies that are stored on the users' device for a set period of time or until the user chooses to remove them. The lifetime of persistent cookies varies typically from a few months to a few years.

We use the cookies and similar technologies to collect information such as how and when our services are used, for example from what website the user came to our site, when and what pages of our website the user has browsed, what browser the user uses, what is the resolution of the users' device display, operating system, and its version and the IP address.

We use the data collected with cookies to log in to our services, to develop our services, to analyze the usage and business of our services, to acquire visitor counts, to analyze goals and conversions, and target marketing efforts. In addition to this, using cookies we can track whether our marketing message has been read and has there been activities in relation to the marketing message.

We use Google Analytics to measure the usage of our services. Data collected to Google-related cookies include for example IP addresses, are forwarded to Google servers in various places around the globe. Because of this such pieces of information can be handled on servers locate outside the user's home country. Based on the collected information Google measures the users' usage behavior of browsing our site contents and produces reports of the usage of the site. Additionally, Google produces analytics reports of the service that are present along with the Vello site the general usage of the internet. Google can also personalize the marketing contents that are visible to users based on previous browsing history. Google can also forward the information to third parties if the legal regulation permits or in cases when a third party handles the information based on Google's request. Google doesn't connect the users' IP-address to other information stored by Google.

Additionally, our services can contain cookies from social media services and so-called community attachments that enable content sharing in social media platforms. Based on these it is also possible to target marketing efforts. Social media services such as Facebook can collect information about the user on the basis of the valid Privacy Policy of that service.

5. What kind of ways to influence a registered user has?

Below we list the various methods that you can take in relation to the collection and handling of your information:

  • The inspecting, correcting, and removing of information: You have the right to inspect the information that has been stored about you. Upon a request, we correct, enrich or remove the information that is incorrect, or outdated.
  • Direct marketing and the right of denial of profiling: At any point, you can deny the consent of using your information for the purposes of direct marketing.
  • The right of denial and restriction: You can deny the handling that is based on a rightful benefit, a personal situation. For example, in such a case the handling is restricted for the time period during which the basis of restriction is assessed. The handling can also be restricted when a registered customer denies the accuracy of the information, restricting the handling for the time period until the accuracy of the information is ensured.
  • The cancelation of consent: You can cancel the given consent at any point in time by contacting customer support or by utilizing the other provided means of communication. You may cancel your consent to sign in with your Microsoft account or your consent to sign in with your Google account by going to your Vello account calendar settings.
  • The right to appeal: You can report to a legal authority if you believe that your information has been handled against the Privacy Policy that is in effect at the time.

In terms of cookies and other similar technologies you can influence in the following ways:

  • The moving of information: If needed you can have moved the given privacy information that is automatically handled based on the consent or contract by contacting customer support.
  • Private browsing: Private browsing (sometimes also browsing "incognito" or "InPrivate") you can browse the services without allowing the service to store cookies or other pieces of data about your browsing.
  • Establish a new cookie profile: You can delete the cookies from your browser in order to remove the identification information about your browsing and so doing your previously recorded user profile is also unavailable.
  • Disabling cookies: You can disable cookies from your browser settings. Disabling cookies may affect the experience and functionality of our services.
  • Preventing Google Analytics: You can prevent the services to collect data for Google Analytics by installing a Google Analytics prevention tool add-on (https:// This add-on prevents Google Analytics Javascript (ga.js, analytics.js, or dc.js) from sharing information to Google Analytics services.
  • Social media cookies: Social media service providers collect information on our services. The practice, the scope, and the methods of information collection of each social media service is adjusted in the privacy settings of each social media service in question.
  • Facebook:Facebook pixel is installed on Vello’s website, which means a snippet of code on the page that is used to remarket the website on Facebook. The pixel allows us to show our ads to the right people and create custom audiences for advertising. The pixel does not identify visitors as individuals, and visitors remain anonymous to us. We use Facebook pixel to measure the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. Take a closer look at the Facebook pixel:
  • Google Ads: This site uses the Google Ads cookie to target marketing through a list of users on Google Ads’ networks. An individual user is not identifiable based on the information attached to the cookie. If you wish, you can block Google Ads marketing based on user lists at

6. Where do we transfer the information?

We use outsourced services in the handling of information during which we ensure the compliance by the means of contracts: the information is handled based on the legal data protection regulation that is in effect at the time.

The data stored, processed, and handled by the Vello application and necessary sub-services is transferred and stored within the EU or EEA. However, some of our partners may locate outside the EU or the area of EEA. If we transfer the information outside of the EU or the EEA areas, we make sure of the acceptable level of privacy protection by contractual means of agreeing on the handling of the trusted privacy information in terms that are required by the law.

7. Where the information is handed over to?

The information is handed over to a third party operator if necessary or required:

  • The legal authority: We can hand over the privacy information to the official and legal authority based on the legal requirement of the time.
  • Consent: We can hand over the privacy information to a third party if you have given us the consent.
  • Company arrangement: If we sell, merge, or arrange our business, your privacy information may be handed over to the buyer and the councels in question.
  • Debt collection and legal requirements: We may hand over your privacy information to a third party if it is required to fulfill the contract, collect a debt, the investigation of possible misconduct, or the presenting or the defending of a legal case.

8. How the information is protected?

We use the appropriate technical and organizational data protection mechanisms in order to protect the privacy information from unauthorize handling. This type of mechanism includes firewalls and the use of crypto technologies, appropriate access monitoring, limited access rights, the education of the staff that is responsible for handling the privacy information, and the care in choosing the third-party service providers.

9. Is it possible that this Privacy Policy will be changed?

We constantly develop our services further and we may change this Privacy Policy. The changes can also be based on the changes of the legal requirements. We suggest orienting yourself with the contents of the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

The effective date of the Privacy Policy is the 21st of May 2021.

10. Who can I be in contact with?

All matters regarding this document you can be in contact with our customer support. More details about the contact details you can find on our website or Facebook pages.

Support email:

Support contact: Tuomas Nylund, +358 50 5335 943 (in English)

Vello Solutions, Lönnrotinkatu 5, 00120 Helsinki Finland Business ID: FI2140030-2